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Why Be Jewish?

“I’m 17 now, and as lazy as it sounds, I’m indifferent to being Jewish. My mom doesn’t like the idea very much … But what makes me a Jew? We don’t go to temple, we don’t celebrate Shabbat, and we … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“The ‘Gen-Y’ers wish to live lives that matter. They are hungry for community and where they do not find ones that welcome them, they will create their own. They do not wish to escape, but to engage; they do not … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“All of this leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I am keenly aware that I am who I am today by virtue of my upbringing during the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s in a small, southern Jewish community, where … Continue reading

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Tikkun Olam and Messianic Jews

*In honor of Human Rights Day (and Human Rights Shabbat, tomorrow) we are reposting this recent article. Synagogue attendance and ritual observance have become less popular features of Jewish society. Interestingly, 21st century Jewry is rallying around a new center: … Continue reading

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Shmuley Boteach and a Judaism for Non-Jews

There has been some interesting buzz across the web regarding an article by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that appeared yesterday in the Jerusalem Post. My friend and colleague, Derek Leman, has already beaten me in responding to the article, but his … Continue reading

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Is Messianic Judaism in Crisis?

Today is Hoshana Rabbah – the culmination of Sukkot and preparation for the final days of Shemini Atzeretand Simchat Torah. However, I find myself troubled a bit, as my joy is not quite complete. I have been deeply troubled lately about the future of our … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

In a previous post titled Judaism in Crisis, we discussed the dramatic paradigm shift faced by the Jewish community, triggered both by economic collapse and a shift in leadership from the Baby Boomer generation to “millenials.” We’ve noticed that discussions … Continue reading

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UMJC Conference Report

I just returned home from an exciting week at the 2010 UMJC Conference held this year in beautiful Seattle, WA. I arrived last Monday (July 26th) for the UMJC Delegate meetings held on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some great discussions and … Continue reading

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Babies, bellies, and getting Jews in the pews

*A Radical Repost (Because the first time around just wasn’t good enough! ) Derek Leman kicked off a discussion “on the human need (or lack thereof) for congregation.” It got me thinking, once again, about the purpose of Jewish community, … Continue reading

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Empowered Judaism

My wife and I are deeply committed to re-imagining congregational life, developing innovative and creative programming, and planting vibrant spiritual communities. As a skilled community builder, I am often sought as a consultant on congregational life and growth and travel … Continue reading

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