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Passing of Debbie Friedman

Today the Jewish community lost a beautiful neshama. The Jewish community is buzzing with the news that beloved Jewish folk singer Debbie Friedman passed away this morning at 5:49am (PST). She had been in a coma for a few days, … Continue reading

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Women Writing Torahs

This afternoon Jewschool published an interesting blog-post on women sofrot (scribes) and the story of the first commissioned Torah scroll written completely by women. Definitely worth reading (and viewing the embedded video)! You can view the Jewschool post HERE.

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Shmuley Boteach and a Judaism for Non-Jews

There has been some interesting buzz across the web regarding an article by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that appeared yesterday in the Jerusalem Post. My friend and colleague, Derek Leman, has already beaten me in responding to the article, but his … Continue reading

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Helsinki Press Release: Jewish Believers in Jesus

Ground-Breaking News: The FIRST ecumenical conference of Jewish believers in Jesus in modern times met in Helsinki, Finland June 14-15, 2010 to affirm their Jewish identity, their faith in Yeshua, and their desire for unity. The term “Jewish Believers in … Continue reading

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Gaza Flotilla Incident

We usually stay away from commenting on politics. However, the Gaza Flotilla incident which occurred last night (March 31st, 2010) has sparked an outcry around the world. With critiques of the actual blockade aside, members of a foreign military are … Continue reading

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Thank You, Chabad

We have much to thank Chabad for – particularly for their work spreading Yiddishkeit around the world, and for bringing fellow Jews back to Torah. I too have much to thank Chabad for personally, for their role in my own spiritual … Continue reading

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Disturbing Trends

Last Friday, the famous sign above the gates of Auschwitz which reads “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free) was stolen in the middle of the night. Although a temporary replica was immediately put up in its place, the act … Continue reading

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Chabad Messianism Alive and Well

  For those under the impression that messianic fervor within Chabad circles has pretty much fizzled out, check out this recent YouTube video below. I believe the footage is from around the same time as the most recent 2009 Chabad … Continue reading

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Yeshiva Hero or Moral Zero?

An article in the Jerusalem Post today reports that Israel’s Supreme Court has harshly criticized Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Drori for his acquittal of a yeshiva bochur who intentionally ran over an Ethiopian-Israeli parking attendant. In January 2006, Noga … Continue reading

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A war against the Jews

Given our current situation, anti-Semitism is not just our right, but it is the duty of every Hungarian homeland lover, and we must prepare for armed battle against the Jews. – A Newsletter published by “The trade union of Hungarian … Continue reading

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