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Yeshua, Halachah, and the Sermon on the Mount

This is a continuation of my previous thoughts on Jewish law and the Halachic process. As followers of a Jewish Messiah, we are obligated to engage in knowledgeable discussion with Jewish law. At times we may interpret it differently, especially in … Continue reading

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Complexity in Early Jewish Messianism

The Messiah is the fullness of the G-d of Israel manifested in a physical form. This concept is readily evident throughout the Biblical text and extra-biblical writings. In Hebrew, the word אחד echad helps to explain this oneness that exists … Continue reading

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Is Messiah Divine?

Scholars Support Jewish Belief in a Divine Messiah There is a popular assumption circulated by Jewish leaders and liberal scholars that Judaism has never believed in a divine Messiah. Some argue that Yeshua never claimed to be the Messiah and … Continue reading

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A Man of Mystery

When I was growing up, John the Immerser received very little attention. Of course people talked about him as being important because he was a cousin and forerunner of Yeshua, but otherwise his role was largely reduced to a small … Continue reading

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