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On the Burning of Books

“Where books are burned in the end people will burn.” – Heinrich Heine Rosh HaShanah is just a few hours away. However, I want to take a moment to raise an important issue. As many of you are already aware, … Continue reading

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Rethinking Jewish Prayer

What do you think about prayer? Do you envision prayer as participation in a Sacred Drama? Do you think of the Siddur as an instrument of holiness? As the High Holidays approach, it is appropriate to think deeper about prayer. … Continue reading

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Conversion in Early Judaism

There is a common misconception, particularly within the Messianic Jewish blogosphere, that conversion to Judaism is a post-biblical, and rather late “rabbinic invention.” However, very few people have really taken the time to trace the development of conversion (גיור‎, giyur), and particularly its … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

In a previous post titled Judaism in Crisis, we discussed the dramatic paradigm shift faced by the Jewish community, triggered both by economic collapse and a shift in leadership from the Baby Boomer generation to “millenials.” We’ve noticed that discussions … Continue reading

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UMJC Conference Report

I just returned home from an exciting week at the 2010 UMJC Conference held this year in beautiful Seattle, WA. I arrived last Monday (July 26th) for the UMJC Delegate meetings held on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some great discussions and … Continue reading

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My Jesus Year

Last week I finished reading My Jesus Year, by Benyamin Cohen (Harper Collins, 2008). The book is a hilarious recounting of an Orthodox Rabbi’s son who spends a year wandering the Bible Belt in search of his own faith. I … Continue reading

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See you in Seattle!

*Online conference registration ENDS TODAY! The 2010 UMJC International Conference is quickly approaching and I want to encourage you to attend. The conference will be held in Seattle this year, and I believe will prove to be one of the … Continue reading

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Babies, bellies, and getting Jews in the pews

*A Radical Repost (Because the first time around just wasn’t good enough! ) Derek Leman kicked off a discussion “on the human need (or lack thereof) for congregation.” It got me thinking, once again, about the purpose of Jewish community, … Continue reading

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A Renaissance of a different kind

Vine of David (a publishing arm of FFOZ) recently re-published a historic title, Love and the Messianic Age, by the great Jewish believer Paul Philip Levertoff. This publication represents a renewed interest in the great works of Jewish believers from … Continue reading

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Interfaith Marriages Rising … and Failing Fast

The debate still rages across the Jewish world, and especially within Messianic Jewish circles, over the issue of intermarriage. Recent studies have placed the intermarriage rate within the Jewish community well over the 50% mark. And the numbers are even … Continue reading

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