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Moses in Matthew

Last night, the new MJTI Interfaith Center in Beverly Hills hosted a seminar on the Gospels with special guest, Boaz Michael, the founder and director of First Fruits of Zion. The two-hour seminar introduced many of the typologies throughout Matthew … Continue reading

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The Temple and Perceived Paradoxes

Within the New Testament there are seemingly paradoxical statements made about the Temple in Jerusalem.  If one is not careful, one could assume that Yeshua and Paul no longer associated the Temple with G-d’s abode, and that somehow their message … Continue reading

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Egypt, Israel, and the Merneptah Stele

Egypt plays a central role throughout the Bible, and particularly in the foundational narratives of Joseph, the Israelite enslavement, and the Exodus of the Israelites. With the influence these narratives have on the shaping of not only of Judaism and … Continue reading

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Complexity in Early Jewish Messianism

The Messiah is the fullness of the G-d of Israel manifested in a physical form. This concept is readily evident throughout the Biblical text and extra-biblical writings. In Hebrew, the word אחד echad helps to explain this oneness that exists … Continue reading

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Conversion in Early Judaism

There is a common misconception, particularly within the Messianic Jewish blogosphere, that conversion to Judaism is a post-biblical, and rather late “rabbinic invention.” However, very few people have really taken the time to trace the development of conversion (גיור‎, giyur), and particularly its … Continue reading

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Is Messiah Divine?

Scholars Support Jewish Belief in a Divine Messiah There is a popular assumption circulated by Jewish leaders and liberal scholars that Judaism has never believed in a divine Messiah. Some argue that Yeshua never claimed to be the Messiah and … Continue reading

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Jewish Visions of Heaven

When the average Jew thinks about the afterlife, they often draw a blank, says Nathaniel Deutsch in a smart and witty article in a recent issue of Reboot. “Asked about Christianity, they might say something about pearly gates or fire and … Continue reading

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Jews, Exile, and the Murashu Archive of Nippur

In May of 1893, while clearing collapsed debris from a room overlooking the ancient ruins of Nippur, a group of Kaffej workmen made a startling discovery. Buried beneath the rubble they discovered a number of clay tablets.[1] The excavators quickly … Continue reading

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A Man of Mystery

When I was growing up, John the Immerser received very little attention. Of course people talked about him as being important because he was a cousin and forerunner of Yeshua, but otherwise his role was largely reduced to a small … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Until relatively recently, virtually all the interpreters of scripture were men. Over the long centuries of Jewish and Christian biblical study, perspectives on female figures have been provided by male theologians, sages, artists, writers, clergy, and scientists. Directly or indirectly, … Continue reading

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