Two New Book Reviews!

Me and my first book

First time seeing my book finally in print.

Two more book reviews on my new book, Jude: On Faith and the Destructive Influence of Heresy.

The book has already received quite a bit of attention and the publisher just informed me that they are about to already do a second printing.

James Pyles (My Morning Meditations)

Fellow-blogger, James Pyles, from the popular Messianic blog, My Morning Meditations, last week posted a really nice review.

James writes:

Although fairly short (just 100 pages, reflecting the brevity of Judah’s letter), this book is packed with very useful interpretations and viewpoints on the imagery employed by the writer and its likely impact on the letter’s Jewish readers (and the objects of his criticism, the false teachers).

He then goes on to state:

… what I took away from this book was the clearing up of a lot of the mysterious and even “mystical” illustrations used by Judah. Once R. Josh pulled back the curtain and let me peek inside, I “got” what the letter writer was attempting to say.

He concludes his review with an endorsement of the book:

I highly recommend Rabbi Josh’s book Jude: Faith and the Destructive Influence of Heresy for anyone who wants a clear understanding of Judah’s (Jude’s) brief but complex epistle, and especially for those who are interested in seeing the Bible through a Messianic Jewish lens. R. Josh’s book is a fine addition to anyone’s library of Biblical commentary.

Thanks, James, for your review!

You can read the full review HERE.

unnamedThe Messianic Times (Book of the Month)

The Messianic Times also wrote a short online review (the full review will be released in the next issue) and even made it their book of the month for August. In their review (based largely on Rabbi Derek Leman’s review) they write:

This short, readable Messianic Jewish commentary by a well-known young Messianic rabbi … could add some energy to any Bible discussion.

You can read their online review in full HERE.

*Amazon has had a difficult time keeping them in stock, so if it is unavailable you can purchase the book directly through the publisher

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for the “shout out,” Rabbi Josh. I was happy to be able to read and review your book and am pleased it has been received so well by other readers.

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