A little bit of gratitude

My maternal grandfather served in U.S. Army intelligence during WWII, and helped liberate Dachau (he was both a survivor and a liberator). My paternal grandfather served as a midshipman in the Navy on the Battleship New Mexico.

Joshua’s paternal grandfather (pictured at left) also served in the South Pacific in the Army’s searchlight and radar units. Joshua’s maternal grandfather served in the Army in the Pacific during the Korean War.¬†Finally, Joshua’s father served our country as a Navy Seabee during the Vietnam War.

We’re exceedingly proud of our families’ contributions, and all of those who have served, for their willingness to sacrifice their own lives for others’ freedom.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Memorial Day!

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Chocoholic, jazz head ... prone to rants, and a professional pitbull. I married a terrific guy who happens to be a rabbi, so I guess that makes me a rebbetzin. Who saw that one coming? My grandparents survived the Shoah and spent their lives in the service of others. On my best days, I walk in their footsteps.
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3 Responses to A little bit of gratitude

  1. jon cline says:

    Thanks Monique. Thanks for the info as I am very grateful to your families’ service.

  2. Dad-Brumbach says:

    Thanks for the Blog. Love ya

  3. James says:

    My Dad served in the Air Force for 20 years and then signed up as a civilian to do the same job for another 20 (some of it was security related so I can’t say exactly what, but he started his Air Force career as a firefighter). My uncle was in the Army and is a Vietnam vet and my son is a Marine vet who was just honorably discharged last fall. Yes, I’m appreciative and grateful.

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