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Moses, Leadership, and Humility

Parashat Pekudei No task is ever below our dignity. No matter how far we climb on the social ladder, we should never think too highly of ourselves. How is this supported in this week’s parasha? The answer is found where … Continue reading

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A Tabernacle, Furniture, and the Presence of God

Parashat Vayakhel This week’s Torah portion gives further instructions concerning the building of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) and its furnishings. This raises an interesting question: For if the Bible’s overall theme is about G-d’s relationship with humanity through the Jewish people, then … Continue reading

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A Golden Calf and a Plea for Mercy

Parashat Ki Tissa The two most dramatic elements within Ki Tissa are clearly the sin of the Golden Calf and Moshe’s following plea before HaShem for mercy. Regarding the sin of the golden calf, the people of Israel grew agitated … Continue reading

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