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Video of the Day: More Levertoff!

Over the last few months I have been posting videos as each one is released from a special series by First Fruits of Zion/Vine of David expounding on Paul Philip Levertoff’s classic work, “Love and the Messianic Age.” Each video … Continue reading

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Passing the Baton

Messianic Judaism currently finds itself in a continuity dilemma (see my previous post from 2010, “Is Messianic Judaism in Crisis?”).   Although part of me is optimistic about the future of our movement, especially with the current work of MJTI, MJRC, and the UMJC; there is … Continue reading

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Piles of Dead Quail

Parashat Beha’alotcha Imagine eating the exact same thing every single day. (That’s like forty years of Passover matzah) Now imagine complaining about it. Not just complaining – wailing. Standing outside your front door with your entire family carrying on as … Continue reading

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Chronicles of the Apostles

I have long been aware of FFOZ’s Torah Club – an intensive year-long study program through the weekly Torah portions.  Although I have heard many great things about the series, I never experienced it firsthand. And then recently I received the … Continue reading

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