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Outreach vs. Inreach

My friend and colleague, Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann, has written two important blog posts recently challenging our thinking in regard to outreach. The first post on the issue I feel is the most poignant. Dr. Dauermann argues: “Mission to the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

There is a divine dream which the prophets and rabbis have cherished and which fills our prayers, and permeates the acts of true piety. It is the dream of a world, rid of evil by the grace of G-d as … Continue reading

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What Jews Need From a MJ Synagogue

My friend, colleague, and fellow blogger, Derek Leman, posted a very timely and heart-wrenching post on his blog today regarding the intrinsic identity of Messianic Jewish congregations. I highly encourage you to check it out!  

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Quote of the Day

“At the very beginning of Genesis, Adam does not identify himself as “ish,” man, until after he sees and identifies Eve as “isha,” woman. Adam becomes aware of himself through acknowledging Eve. At our best this is what men and … Continue reading

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