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The time has come to run toward free and fair elections in Congo!
In the last 10 years 5.4 million Congolese have died and 200,000 women have been raped in our world’s deadliest war since WWII. In November Congo will be holding only the third election in the country’s history. Human rights groups, political experts, and concerned individuals around the world are joining Congolese in calling for free and fair elections. For far too long the world’s deadliest war, and many of the other issues affecting the people of Congo have been largely ignored by our government. It is time the U.S. appoints a special envoy to Congo! We absolutely need to monitor the elections, work to end the war, and speak of for the people of this great country.

Please join us in signing this petition (it literally only takes one minute). This petition is not like all petitions. If it’s successful, it could actually be a huge step towards peace in a war torn land.

Please sign it, share it, and help us reach 200,000 signatures in 5 days! Sign the Petition HERE!

Help end the war in Congo and be a whistle blower for peace!

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