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“I will accept G-d only if I can confront G-d. Not benign acceptance, but the eternal wrestling of the soul. Jacob wrestled with You and he came forth limping from the arena. I am damaged as well, and I understand completely the Yiddish lament, ‘Oh, L-rd, You help complete strangers, why won’t You help me?’

There’s a Midrash where the question is asked with the addition of a poignant cry, ‘G-d, it is such a difficult world, why don’t you send someone who can change it?’ and G-d answered, ‘I did send someone. I sent you.'”

Rabbi Gerald Wolpe z”l – from his final Kol Nidre sermon delivered before his retirement, as recorded in the book, The New Rabbi, p. 101.

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I'm a Rabbi, writer, thinker, mountain biker, father and husband ... not necessarily in that order. According to my wife, however, I'm just a big nerd. I have degrees in dead languages and ancient stuff. I have studied in various Jewish institutions, including an Orthodox yeshiva in Europe. I get in trouble for making friends with perfect strangers, and for standing on chairs to sing during Shabbos dinner. In addition to being the Senior Rabbi of Simchat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in West Haven, CT, I write regularly for several publications and speak widely in congregations and conferences. My wife is a Southern-fried Jewish Beltway bandit and a smokin' hot human rights attorney... and please don’t take offense if I dump Tabasco sauce on your cooking.
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2 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. James says:

    I did send someone. I sent youThat's a chilling note when you realize that it probably applies to all of us. There are no innocent bystanders.

  2. Rabbi Joshua says:

    James,Agreed. I thought it was a very powerful quote.

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