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“In the past, Jews were forced to be Jews or to break away completely. Nowadays, every Jew is a Jew by choice. All of us have autonomy as to how we want to be Jews. Since being a Jew means being part of an organic being, there have to be all kinds of Jews: We need the religious, who are the backbone, and the atheists, who keep us from having faith in foolish things, and the whole spectrum in between. What do we bring into the world? Davening. The word davening comes from the Latin word divinum: to do the divine thing. Some people daven by praying, others by feeding homeless people and in these different ways, we become the instruments of God. God told Abraham, “Those people who will bless you, I will bless.” The planet is underblessed today, and our task as Jews is to keep blessing things.”

-Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (from a recent article in Moment Magazine)

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I'm a Rabbi, writer, thinker, mountain biker, father and husband ... not necessarily in that order. According to my wife, however, I'm just a big nerd. I have degrees in dead languages and ancient stuff. I have studied in various Jewish institutions, including an Orthodox yeshiva in Europe. I get in trouble for making friends with perfect strangers, and for standing on chairs to sing during Shabbos dinner. In addition to being the Senior Rabbi of Simchat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in West Haven, CT, I write regularly for several publications and speak widely in congregations and conferences. My wife is a Southern-fried Jewish Beltway bandit and a smokin' hot human rights attorney... and please don’t take offense if I dump Tabasco sauce on your cooking.
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3 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. VirginiaMary TOS says:

    Bless Our Creator for all of Creatiion.Bless Yinon and all those who connect to them.Bless all Israel.Bless my Brother who brought me to Torah Study on 10/25/2003. May Our Creators blessed gift of this friendship be forever open & connected.Bless Our Creatos' Glorious LightBless the InternetBless the those who keep the world connected by the internet.Bless all the pain, joy, and daily miracles that each of our lives bring.Bless all the people in our lives, past present & future.May all that we do Bless our Creator.

  2. rik says:

    Reb Yosh,You think this quote could be a commentary on the book of Ya'Akov(James).and Bless VirginiaMary TOS.

  3. zayin says:

    Thanks for this quote. As a Jew who recently moved back into Mj'ism after a sojourn into Orthodoxy, I am thankful to hear such a balanced and uplifting perspective. I find it particularly uplifting in regards to those Jews of patrilineal descent.I don't agree with all of Rabbi Zalman's thoughts on Judaism, but this I can agree with totally.Thanks again Reb Yosh.

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