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Quote of the Day

Today’s Quote of the Day is a perfect follow-up to yesterday’s post, The Promise and the Talmud: “The Gemara is a never ending source of discovery, loaded wth legal discussions (often enough to make one’s head spin), stories, lore, prophecy, … Continue reading

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The Promise and the Talmud

A couple weeks ago I blogged about having just finished reading The Chosen, by Chaim Potok. I so thoroughly enjoyed reading the book that I could not wait to begin the sequel, The Promise. Well last weekend I finished reading … Continue reading

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Rethinking Jewish Prayer

What do you think about prayer? Do you envision prayer as participation in a Sacred Drama? Do you think of the Siddur as an instrument of holiness? As the High Holidays approach, it is appropriate to think deeper about prayer. … Continue reading

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Conversion in Early Judaism

There is a common misconception, particularly within the Messianic Jewish blogosphere, that conversion to Judaism is a post-biblical, and rather late “rabbinic invention.” However, very few people have really taken the time to trace the development of conversion (גיור‎, giyur), and particularly its … Continue reading

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The Chosen

Earlier this week I finished reading Chaim Potok’s classic, The Chosen. Although I have seen the movie numerous times, and have repeatedly heard how much better the book was, I only finally got around to reading it … AND I’M … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

In a previous post titled Judaism in Crisis, we discussed the dramatic paradigm shift faced by the Jewish community, triggered both by economic collapse and a shift in leadership from the Baby Boomer generation to “millenials.” We’ve noticed that discussions … Continue reading

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A Thought about Halachah

If Messianic Judaism claims to be a Judaism within the wider Jewish Community, than it behooves us to consider the place of halachah in our midst. Messianic Judaism is more than just a form of “Biblical Judaism.” To make such a … Continue reading

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UMJC Conference Report

I just returned home from an exciting week at the 2010 UMJC Conference held this year in beautiful Seattle, WA. I arrived last Monday (July 26th) for the UMJC Delegate meetings held on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some great discussions and … Continue reading

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