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What’s love got to do with it?

Parashat Va’etchannan: Why do we read this parasha every year after Tisha B’Av? I thought we were finished with all of the pleading already? This week, we spent a hungry evening on the floor reading Lamentations, remembering the horrific tragedies … Continue reading

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Paul’s Rule

A good friend and colleague, Dr. David Rudolph, had an article of his; entitled “Paul’s Rule in All the Churches,” recently published in the online journal Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations. Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations is the flagship publication of the … Continue reading

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Where was Adam?

I am in LA this week for two MJTI Summer intensive classes, and we are spending our mornings studying Eicha Rabbah. As a part of our discussion this morning I ended up running across this fascinating commentary on Adam and … Continue reading

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My Jesus Year

Last week I finished reading My Jesus Year, by Benyamin Cohen (Harper Collins, 2008). The book is a hilarious recounting of an Orthodox Rabbi’s son who spends a year wandering the Bible Belt in search of his own faith. I … Continue reading

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See you in Seattle!

*Online conference registration ENDS TODAY! The 2010 UMJC International Conference is quickly approaching and I want to encourage you to attend. The conference will be held in Seattle this year, and I believe will prove to be one of the … Continue reading

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A Rich Young Ruler

This week I was thinking about the familiar story of Yeshua’s encounter with the rich young ruler (Mathew 19:16-30). In the story, the rich young man asks Yeshua about what more he must do in order to obtain eternal life. … Continue reading

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