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Quote of the Day

“I often speak with rabbis from around the country who are frustrated and fed up and feel stuck because they can’t daven in their own shuls, they can’t speak their conscience, they can’t take risks. Fear has become a driving … Continue reading

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The 17th of Tammuz

Today is the 17th of Tammuz, a “minor fast day” within the Jewish community. It marks the first breech of the walls of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE, leading to the violent siege of the city, and its … Continue reading

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Babies, bellies, and getting Jews in the pews

*A Radical Repost (Because the first time around just wasn’t good enough! ) Derek Leman kicked off a discussion “on the human need (or lack thereof) for congregation.” It got me thinking, once again, about the purpose of Jewish community, … Continue reading

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Helsinki Press Release: Jewish Believers in Jesus

Ground-Breaking News: The FIRST ecumenical conference of Jewish believers in Jesus in modern times met in Helsinki, Finland June 14-15, 2010 to affirm their Jewish identity, their faith in Yeshua, and their desire for unity. The term “Jewish Believers in … Continue reading

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A Renaissance of a different kind

Vine of David (a publishing arm of FFOZ) recently re-published a historic title, Love and the Messianic Age, by the great Jewish believer Paul Philip Levertoff. This publication represents a renewed interest in the great works of Jewish believers from … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

To our own dads’ – and all the others out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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Interfaith Marriages Rising … and Failing Fast

The debate still rages across the Jewish world, and especially within Messianic Jewish circles, over the issue of intermarriage. Recent studies have placed the intermarriage rate within the Jewish community well over the 50% mark. And the numbers are even … Continue reading

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New Blog: Living Torah

A good friend of ours, Benjamin E., has created a new blog that now appears on our own blog roll. Titled Living Torah, Ben writes on a number of different issues relevant to a mature Messianic Jewish life. His most … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Rabbi David Nesenoff, the rabbi who interviewed Helen Thomas, has received thousands of hate messages following the release of the video showing Thomas making anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments. You can read some of the hate mail on his website, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“We Jews are a people born into a covenantal identity and responsibility to obey G-d’s law. And the measure of our sin is our disobedience to Torah’s demands. And since that is true, repentance requires that we reverse our pattern … Continue reading

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