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Last week was a busy one … the Borough Park Symposium in NYC, and then Kabbetz Northeast in Bloomfield, CT. Although I have spent this whole week trying to catch up, it was well worth it!

Kabbetz HaEsrim (Gathering the Twenties) is the UMJC’s regional conferences geared toward young Messianics ages 18-35. This year’s theme, “Yibane HaMikdash: Building our Community,” focuses on building relationships among ourselves, our congregations, and our wider communities.

Three different regional Kabbetz HaEsrim conferences were scheduled for Spring 2010 – the first was in March, in Seattle, WA, Kabbetz Northeast was this last weekend in Bloomfield, CT, and the next one is Kabbetz Southeast to be held in Cary, NC in two weeks.

All three events are in a Shabbaton format, which combines traditional Shabbat observances and services with teaching, group discussions, and lots of time for informal interaction. The smaller group attendance at Kabbetz HaEsrim, typically thirty to fifty people, allows for more intimate contact and greater opportunities to really get to know each other.

Kabbetz Northeast was held April 16-18 in Bloomfield, CT at the recently completed facility of Shuvah Yisrael/Shalom Company. With over twenty young people in attendance, Kabbetz Northeast was an inspirational and meaningful time. The music and liturgy was led by Jane Rodriguez and Benjamin Ehrenfeld, and special speakers included Rabbi Paul Saal, Rabbi Tony Eaton, Benjamin Ehrenfeld, Twenties Committee Chair, Julie David, … and yours truly!

Kabbetz Northeast was an inspiring time to gather with old friends, make new ones, and connect to HaShem on a deeper level. If you have not been to a Kabbetz conference before I encourage you to join us in two weeks in Cary, NC … or join us next year!

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