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Debunking Myths

During our recent UMJC-sponsored webinar, we asked the question “why aren’t more Jewish people finding their spiritual home in Messianic Jewish synagogues?” We dissected the common myths that congregational leaders parrot to justify the absence of Jewish people in our … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Actually, more like several quotes of the day. What started as one quote turned into a few extras thrown in. So here are some of my favorite quotes from a friend and colleague, Dr. David H. Stern: “It is not … Continue reading

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Creating Spiritual Homes for the New American Jew

Continuing the conversation we started at the UMJC Mid-Year leadership retreat in December, Monique and I recently led a UMJC webinar which is now posted on the UMJC website. (You may need to log-in/create a profile to view the webinar). … Continue reading

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Help for Haiti

The thoughts and prayers of the world are with the people of Haiti at this time following the recent disastrous earthquake. The Torah states: “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor … (Lev. 19:16)” As Jews, we … Continue reading

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Avatar … the Messiah?

Yesterday I blogged about some common themes found within the movie Avatar and in Judaism. Today, I ran across a very interesting blog post by Rabbi Barry Leff exploring some deep Messiological aspects of the Movie. Rabbi Barry explores such … Continue reading

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Avatar: A Jewish Spin

This past Sunday, I saw Avatar in 3-D for the second time. Both times seeing the movie I was blown away with what James Cameron was able to do, and how the technology even made it seem almost (I said … Continue reading

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Thank You, Chabad

We have much to thank Chabad for – particularly for their work spreading Yiddishkeit around the world, and for bringing fellow Jews back to Torah. I too have much to thank Chabad for personally, for their role in my own spiritual … Continue reading

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Jews, Exile, and the Murashu Archive of Nippur

In May of 1893, while clearing collapsed debris from a room overlooking the ancient ruins of Nippur, a group of Kaffej workmen made a startling discovery. Buried beneath the rubble they discovered a number of clay tablets.[1] The excavators quickly … Continue reading

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