Roman and Alaina Release New Album

Our friends,
Roman and Alaina, are a couple with a big future in music. They recently released a new album, titled “Sounds of Prayer.” Tim Layne at The Emergent Observer calls the album:

kitschy cool. The sound is definitely folk…but folk frum. It’s…a CD with a vinyl soul.

Roman formerly played in the delightfully Simon-and-Garfunkley-sounding Meha Shamayim … but in our humble opinion, he’s way more of a rockstar with Alaina by his side. We loved their duo performance at a packed out Stern Center concert (video below) and highly recommend that you fly them out for your future conferences/events/weddings/b’nai mitzvah celebrations. Check them out and buy their new album!

This album is a MUST!!! And it is now also available on iTunes!

(Their song below, “I Believe,” is based primarily on the Rambam’s 12th & 13th articles of faith)

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  1. Judah Himango says:

    Awesome. I was a huge fan of Meha Shamayim in their short lifespan. Roman definitely has that folky, Tennessee sound. Brings fresh sounds to the Messianic music genre.Just bought the album, looking forward to it.

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