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If one is isolated from others, uninvolved in family, friendship or community, an individual person has no more meaning than an amputated finger in a jar.   Each of us is the biological extension of his parents, of his people and, ultimately, of the first form of created life.  The mystics tell us that we are even extensions of the Creator, Himself.  Richard Beer-Hofmann expressed for us our absolute connectedness: ‘We are but riverbeds. Through you and me runs the blood of the past to those who shall be.’

Rabbi Joshua O. Haberman

About Monique

Chocoholic, jazz head ... prone to rants, and a professional pitbull. I married a terrific guy who happens to be a rabbi, so I guess that makes me a rebbetzin. Who saw that one coming? My grandparents survived the Shoah and spent their lives in the service of others. On my best days, I walk in their footsteps.
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