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PODCAST – Mary’s Psalm (Yeshua in Context)

The remnant of Israel in Judea in the days of Miriam (Mary) and Elisheva (Elizabeth) is a small, but faithful community. There is expectancy. The “God of my salvation” is about to do something, as Micah had hoped and prayer … Continue reading

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McKnight Explains Gospel

Answering a series of questions posed by another Christian professor of theology, Scot McKnight explains how in church history “gospel” became a mere message of “personal salvation.” He says the Catholic-Orthodox trajectory made gospel = sacraments. The Protestant trajectory made … Continue reading

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The Message of Jesus via Scot McKnight

Call me a Scot McKnight fan. He is a well-read, academic who communicates very well with less academic readers. He also has grasped a holistic approach to reading the Bible that I have found very helpful. And he is a … Continue reading

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Reposting: Nicene Creed and Messianic Jews

It came up in discussion here last week. And many of my old posts, from 2009 and earlier are mysteriously truncated by the porting process from the old site to here. So, when important ones get referenced, I go back … Continue reading

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McKnight Discusses N.T. Wright’s View of Sabbath

I am a fan of N.T. Wright and even more a fan of Scot McKnight. Yet there is one area of tension between my theology and Wright’s. I have written about it before and I have addressed Wright in a … Continue reading

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Rabbi Lawrence Says the Cross is Unneeded

Rabbi Lawrence came back with another comment today. He said: Christianity is a cut and paste religion, nothing more. Because of your belief system you must cling to the one liners. However if you wish to read the Torah along … Continue reading

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Life of Loving Deeds #2

As part of my belief that the life and message of Yeshua is relevant for people today, and that he came to make disciples to join in kingdom work, I am blogging each week on loving deeds. In “Life of … Continue reading

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One.Life, Following Jesus with McKnight

I pre-ordered One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow by Scot McKight on Kindle. That means that while others are waiting for their paperback to arrive by mail from amazon, I already have my copy and I’ve started reading. Few people answer … Continue reading

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Besorah, Good News, Gospel

Paul spoke of “my gospel” and said “I am not ashamed of the gospel.” Yeshua said “the gospel must be proclaimed to all nations.” Peter warned people who were “disobedient to the gospel of God.” What is the basic concept … Continue reading

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A Richer Messianic Judaism, Part 1

Several recent blog postings by a diverse group of bloggers has me interested in the topic of a richer Christianity, a richer Judaism, and a richer Messianic Judaism. All three kinds of readers come here, Jews and Christians and Messianic … Continue reading

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