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The Controversy of Zion

The Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Dalton Lifsey, Tauranga: Maskilim Publishing, 2011. Dalton Lifsey is a pastor in New Zealand and he has something to say about Israel and the end times that is slightly different … Continue reading

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Not Excited About the People of Zion?

Why do we argue? Why do we care so much? It is, no doubt, because questions of identity, the role each one of us plays in God’s plan, is fundamental to who we are. Out here in Internet-Land we have … Continue reading

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Jewish Adventures in Church-Land

Many of you will remember Benjamin from Metropolis (not a real name, of course, as Metropolis is the city of Superman). Benjamin is a new follower of Yeshua from a religious Jewish background. He lives in a city that has … Continue reading

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The Sad Fall from Acts to Justin Martyr

I could have called this the sad fall from Stephen the Martyr to Justin Martyr. Justin Martyr lived from 103-165 CE. Stephen died in 30 CE. The story of Stephen was written down somewhere around 80-90 CE by Luke. So, … Continue reading

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CLASSIC REPOST: Reverse Galatianism

Back in September of 2008 I wrote about “Reverse Galatianism.” I think it is an important way of expressing ourselves to Christians who misunderstand what Messianic Judaism is about. As you will see at the beginning of this re-post, I … Continue reading

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Daniel Lancaster on Galatians

Say you want a book to share with a Christian to explain your love for Torah and Jewish Roots. Or say you want a book to explain your passion to see Jewish faith in Yeshua. Or say you want a … Continue reading

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Eternal Covenant: A Coincidence of Readings

I read the Torah according to the normal schedule followed by most in the Jewish world (except those who follow the tri-ennial cycle) and I accompany my Torah reading with readings from the gospels (see yesterday’s post on “Learning the … Continue reading

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Matthew 11, Law vs. Kingdom?

Anachronism is reading history out of order. Many examples of popular anachronisms exist. The religious art of Europe is a well-known anachronism. Biblical characters are depicted wearing plate armor at times or Renaissance fashion (or posing nude, in spite of … Continue reading

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Both-And vs. Either-Or

I’m convinced that a both-and philosophy instead of an either-or philosophy would solve many tensions in biblical interpretation. This topic came to me after reading what seems to me a ridiculous statement by an otherwise great scholar, Dale Allison, in … Continue reading

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A Sad Discussion on Scot McKnight's Blog

I’m definitely a Scot McKnight fan and I’m not putting this link here to suggest in any way that I have a problem with him. I think if you read carefully what Scot says in this post, you will see … Continue reading

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