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Yom Kippur Sermon: Eternal Love

The love the Holy One has for us is amazing. As the wisdom poet says, “May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” (Songs 1:1). The sages of Israel and also the classic devotional writers of Christianity interpreted … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah Sermon: Awe and Love of God

One of the reasons I usually teach you — with dialogue, discussion, the opportunity to challenge and give point and counterpoint — is that respect your intelligence. You are thinking people. You question what you are told. You ask if … Continue reading

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The Divine Secret

“See that you say nothing to any one; but go, show yourself to the priest,” said Messiah to the leper in Mark 1:43. Scholars have long dubbed this theme in Mark the “Messianic secret.” For a different reason, though actually … Continue reading

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LIVE Elul Discussion, Week 2

The task is large, unending, but we are not free to ignore it. This is not a labor to be accomplished in one great effort or in occasional exertions. The task is the conforming of our minds and spirits to … Continue reading

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Life of Loving Deeds #2

As part of my belief that the life and message of Yeshua is relevant for people today, and that he came to make disciples to join in kingdom work, I am blogging each week on loving deeds. In “Life of … Continue reading

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Life of Loving Deeds #1

This series is about practical teachings from Jewish and Christian sources for living out the way of love, justice, and goodness. I am particularly interested in texts that correlate to Yeshua’s (Jesus’) teaching for his disciples. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (To … Continue reading

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Leviticus 19 and the Messianic Age

The sons of this age often lack creativity in seeing the messianic, the next-worldly, in the Torah. Though I cannot at the moment cite examples, those who read the Sages regularly can attest: the sons of their age showed great … Continue reading

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Missing Mysticism in the Bible

I have been surprised recently by several requests to speak on the subject of mystical faith. An episcopal church in Tennessee mentioned that when I come in March for an all day seminar, they hope I’ll address the mystical way … Continue reading

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More on Congregations of Yeshua (Jesus)

The second part of my notes over on the Yeshua in Context blog about what the gospels say about community. These are simply notes, not a fully fleshed-out publication on community and Yeshua. “Applying Yeshua Communally, Part 2.” If you … Continue reading

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Miracles (C.S. Lewis), #1

See yesterdays “God in Search of Man, #1” for an explanation of this series exploring a Jewish and a Christian thinker who have much in common. I am much more familiar with Lewis than Heschel, having a fair collection of … Continue reading

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