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Meditations on Future Hope

Let’s consider two ways of looking at the meaning of time and events: naturalism and messianism. There are certainly other ideas about history, the present, and the future, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m only interested in these two. By naturalism … Continue reading

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Who Needs Yeshua-Judaism?

I’m behind on reading the comments. This week we are running a children’s day camp at Tikvat David and I am a tent leader. Fun, it has me away from the computer nearly the whole day. This post is an … Continue reading

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Israel and Impossible Things

If you’re like me, President Obama’s words yesterday are discouraging [note: but see Rabbi Joshua’s comment and the possibility that I was wrong]. I know they’re not exactly anything new. But the world is so ready to tell Israel, “Give … Continue reading

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Holiness Theology in Leviticus

If you want holiness theology, Leviticus 17-27 is the place, especially chapters 19-22. In our teaching hour last week at Tikvat David (our congregation) I asked people what negative connotations the word “holy” has in their synagogue or church background. … Continue reading

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Karet or Being “Cut Off” in Torah

The first reference is Genesis 17:14, “Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.” What does it mean to be “cut off” from … Continue reading

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Leviticus 19 and the Messianic Age

The sons of this age often lack creativity in seeing the messianic, the next-worldly, in the Torah. Though I cannot at the moment cite examples, those who read the Sages regularly can attest: the sons of their age showed great … Continue reading

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Robin Parry: New Article on Universalism

The new Rob Bell book has the topic of universalism on the minds of millions. Robin Parry (who wrote a much better book than Bell’s on the subject) writes here about seven myths concerning Christian universalism. As I have said, … Continue reading

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Richard Beck on Universalism as Biblical Truth

Everybody’s talking about universalism these days (because of a new book by Rob Bell called Love Wins). There are several kinds. One kind, and the one that interests me, does not deny judgment or hell. It simply says that there … Continue reading

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Poor in Spirit

How important is it to interpret a biblical text well? Obsession with details of theology, which is at least close to the same thing as obsession with a good interpretation of a sacred text, has been compared to speculating about … Continue reading

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Feasting in the Age to Come

Visions of feasting recur in our dreams. Two images of happiness predominate: the adventure and the feast. God describes what he has for us in the age to come in terms of a rich banquet with wine and meat. There … Continue reading

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