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Musings Has Moved!!

You will now find Messianic Jewish Musings at

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Bethlehem Shepherds, Video

I had hoped to have my blog fully moved to a new site today ( and it is mostly ported over there, but not completely. Expect to see Messianic Jewish Musings at its new home by Monday. And I will … Continue reading

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Scripture as Remembrance

When a loved one is absent, especially is they are far away, we keep some pictures of them. It is an act of love, and something we need, to bring out the pictures and look at them regularly. So, when … Continue reading

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Take a Class (Take My Class)

Although this is definitely going to be a commercial for my upcoming online class (January 8 – February 18, 2012), I promise there will be some entertainment and inspiration in this post. For starters, how do you like the title … Continue reading

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The Jewish Annotated New Testament

eds. Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. My copy just came Second Day Air from Amazon. Wow. I am one of the first few hundred people to have the JANT (except those who got … Continue reading

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Torah Fundamental #2

The Torah is a code which assumes a community tradition to fill in its gaps. That is, the Torah does not spell out how to carry out many of its commands. The details of procedure are often left to the … Continue reading

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Good Stuff is Mostly Free These Days

We pay for almost nothing anymore when it comes to entertainment and content. I know as a writer I only make money if I speak and sell books. I “give away” many gigabytes of free content. Want to donate $5 … Continue reading

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My 1st YouTube: 20 Ways to Read Yeshua

Okay, I see much room for improvement in my video presentation in the future. I should have been better prepared and used my notes less. The volume could stand to be a bit higher. This was recorded with my iPhone. … Continue reading

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Listening today . . .

. . . to Roman and Alaina Wood’s new album. From their first album, “Mashiach Intervene” is one of my favorite songs and we play it often at Tikvat David. They add new depth to the Messianic music scene and … Continue reading

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The Controversy of Zion

The Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Dalton Lifsey, Tauranga: Maskilim Publishing, 2011. Dalton Lifsey is a pastor in New Zealand and he has something to say about Israel and the end times that is slightly different … Continue reading

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