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Torah Fundamentals, #1

The first point worth learning about Torah seems an obvious one, but in fact it escapes quite a few people. Right from the beginning of the actual enactment of Torah (you’ll see what I mean shortly by “enactment”) this point … Continue reading

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James Pyles: How to Hear the Jewish Voice of Jesus

A fantastic meditation and practical example for those Christians who want to hear more, to do more than have “morning devotions” in the NIV Study Bible, who have begun to discover the unity of the Bible and long to find … Continue reading

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New Testament = Apostolic Writings … Class Coming

I’ll be teaching an online class through MJTI January 8 – February 12. I’d love to have you in the class. As a prelude to that idea, I want to say a few things about the “New Testament,” the lingo … Continue reading

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Jewish Adventures in Church-Land

Many of you will remember Benjamin from Metropolis (not a real name, of course, as Metropolis is the city of Superman). Benjamin is a new follower of Yeshua from a religious Jewish background. He lives in a city that has … Continue reading

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Types of Messianic Congregations

Scenario #1: You are a Jew or Christian and only somewhat familiar with “Messianic” congregations. You decide to visit one. The website for the place you choose says that it is “Messianic.” What might you find? My answer: what you … Continue reading

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Light Beer is Unbiblical! Isaiah 1:22

For the Daily Isaiah notes I send out I was busy translating Isaiah 1:22 last night. I discovered that light beer is unbiblical. Past the jump, find out how I reached this conclusion.

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A Simchat Torah Study

Simchat Torah begins tonight at sundown. In the spirit of Simchat Torah, I decided to outline the reformations of Torah and Temple from David to Ezra in the Bible. I had an idea that I might discover there some principles … Continue reading

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Back from a Mountain Setting for Sukkot

We came back from Fort Mountain State Park in the North Georgia mountains a day early (last night we got home). It was bad enough having to set up our tent and campsite in the rain, but if we’d stayed … Continue reading

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Seminars and Classes, Nov 2011 – Feb 2012

Live near Atlanta? Want to have me come and do a seminar in your hometown? How about “Eyewitnesses in the Gospels” or “In the Days of Torah: Purity and Temple”? Or how about “Yeshua in Context”? Even if the travel … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur Sermon: Eternal Love

The love the Holy One has for us is amazing. As the wisdom poet says, “May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” (Songs 1:1). The sages of Israel and also the classic devotional writers of Christianity interpreted … Continue reading

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