YIC Blog: Yeshua Within Israel

I finished posting the third of a series (“Greece, Rome, Israel”) at the Yeshua in Context blog today. Later this afternoon I will condense the material from these three posts and record a podcast.

In “Greece, Rome, Israel #3” I summarize, in my mind very helpfully, what Yeshua’s relation to broader Israel in his time was all about. This is the heart of who the historical Jesus was. Few get it right. My own ideas about it have been formed through reading and benefitting from scores of scholars, historians, and interpreters. If I were to summarize it all simply, this line from the post is the core: Yeshua found a people so out of touch with the vision of the prophets for the world to come, the kingdom of God, that he set about overturning sacred cows.

Read “Greece, Rome, Israel #3.”
Podcast to be posted this afternoon.

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