Music Festival, Messianic Jewish, in 2012 in North Carolina?

I just discovered this. I have to say, I am excited. August 9-11, 2012 in Asheville, NC, the Asheville Music Festival.

It’s a festival started by young messianics. It’s not about politics in the MJ movement. It’s about music and Yeshua. It seems back in 1969, the “Young Hebrew Christian Alliance” (YHCA) had a major meeting here, the one in which they elected officers, and the following year were recognized by the “Hebrew Christian Alliance.” As many of you know, the YHCA was a huge step in the formation of modern Messianic Judaism.

Asheville is beautiful. I already know Roman and Alaina Wood will be there. I saw that Troy Mitchell said he hopes to play there. I’m all over this. Mark your calendars. Leman will be there (and I’d guess a lot of people from our congregation will come, since we love Messianic Jewish music). Call me a fan of the Asheville Music Festival.

See the Asheville Music Festival here.

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5 Responses to Music Festival, Messianic Jewish, in 2012 in North Carolina?

  1. benicho says:

    Dang, wish I would’ve known about that earlier, could’ve made an event poster.

  2. Derek Leman says:

    Benicho, you see that this is next year, right? Seems like you have lots of time to make a poster.

  3. Justin Tomlinson says:

    This is awesome! I heard about it in New Mexico last week, Mason Clover was talking about it at one of his concerts! He said he hoped to be there as well! Super excited about this event.

  4. Zach S. says:

    I just heard about this & I really want to go!

    Zac @FretZeroMusic

  5. Rachel Kitan says:

    New artist, Julia Vidito, is coming.

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