PODCAST: Faith Yeshua-Style 1 – Yeshua in Context

I’m addressing some of what is new in Yeshua’s teaching. I’ll be spending two weeks on Yeshua’s faith paradigm. The point is not that the Hebrew Bible or Judaism did not teach the concept of faith (far from it). It is that religion in Yeshua’s day (and all over the place in our own day — in Judaism and Christianity) had become about privilege and power, not faith and love of God and humanity.

This podcast is a bit more of a sermon than usual. But the five-part outline I introduce for explaining Yeshua’s faith paradigm is, I think, a great way for people to see some of the radicalness of the Yeshua presented in the gospels.

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COMING: I’ve found my stride in writing Yeshua for Small Groups and think I can provide a guide to give groups an experience with Yeshua. It will be available before Hanukkah. Also, I have a plan for recording Mark: An Audio-Commentary in Judeo-Christian Perspective to be available by Hanukkah as well.

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