PODCAST: Wealth Wisdom – Yeshua in Context

No, not a “personal finance and the Bible” podcast. Although, actually, Luke 16:1-13 does have a lot to say about personal finance (but not like the maximize-your-money sort of teaching we often hear in religious self-help teaching). Neither is the theology of Yeshua exactly what many people learned growing up in Sunday School (either the Christian Sunday School or the Jewish Hebrew School).

Tzedakah. Almsgiving. Using “mammon” to acquire friends in eternal tents. That’s the sort of stuff we find in the parable of the “dishonest manager.”

UPCOMING: Unfortunately, I have postponed production of Mark: An Audio-Commentary till later in 2011. The Messiah Yeshua Children’s Book (first volume is a double issue) is getting close at last. Yeshua for Small Groups is my summer project.

Thinking about two books for early 2012: Mark for Those Who Question and Discipleship in Yeshua.

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