Affordable, Practical Ebooks for Learning to Read Hebrew

hebrewHow important is it to learn to read the Bible in its original languages? Maybe you think it is beyond you. I assure you, it is not. All you need is the desire and enough discipline to have a little fun working a few times a week on it.

An old friend (well, she is young, but I mean old because she moved away) has just published three ebooks that make getting started super-easy. These could be used for children’s education, synagogue education, adult education. They are a simple way to be able to read. Once you master reading, then you can move on to understanding. Please take a minute to look at her books even if you don’t think you are interested (they might change your mind):

Read Hebrew Today.

Read Hebrew Today, Level Two.

Read New Testament Greek Today.

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2 Responses to Affordable, Practical Ebooks for Learning to Read Hebrew

  1. evonnemandella says:

    Would you guys please share your experiences learning Greek or Hebrew? Was it exciting and fun?!, or more on the dry side- like 3 week old bread? (Excluding matzah of course- which seems to taste the same 3 years later 🙂

  2. Evonne asks a good question. I started learning Hebrew in Bible college (undergraduate). My professor was none other than John Walton (now at Wheaton), a well-known scholar of the Hebrew Bible (check him on amazon).

    I took every class I could from Walton (probably a dozen). He must have been embarrassed when I, one of his star students, made a C in Hebrew!

    Years later, my classical and prayerbook Hebrew is solid. I’m working on fluency in reading as I hope to start doctoral work in a few year in Hebrew Bible.

    Now as for Greek, I took one class and made a 100%. Yet I retain only a little. Lots of memorization in Greek, it seems, whereas Hebrew has come to me more as general concepts only understood over time.


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