Live Blogging: UMJC Rabbi's Rereat

I am in Palm Springs, California. Out the back window of my hotel room is the San Jacinto mountain range. An 8,500′ peak rises, blocking the horizon. I may have the chance to take a tram up the mountain this afternoon. I’m told the temperature drops 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hopefully I will have wireless internet in the conference room here and be able to send a few live updates on our retreat.

For the moment, I thought I would share a few of my experiences arriving here.

First, I was

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  1. Derek

    Glad you are having a good conference with good weather and good debate.

    I look forward to your review Jewish Living: A Guide to Contemporary Reform Practice.

    I think you would really enjoy the Mishkan T’Filah: Reform Siddur. It has been a blessing to me.


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