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Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer in First Things

Just a note, since my local theological library is closed for the holidays and I do not have a subscription to First Things, but one of my mentors, Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer, is featured in a dialogue in this month’s … Continue reading

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The Gaza War and American Media

A reader asked me to comment on the current Gaza military campaign Israel is undertaking. They specifically said they’d like to know what the American media is not saying. So, not being any kind of expert on “the American media” … Continue reading

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Meeting a Half-Jew in Douglasville, Georgia

I had already paid my check at the restaurant in Douglasville, Goergia, about half an hour west of Atlanta. I had time on my hands and I was spending it learning the ta’amei hamikra, the

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Rabbi Besser and the Maccabees

This was my Hanukkah sermon for today (but don’t let that keep you from reading it 🙂 ). The book I refer to is The Rabbi of 84th Street by Warren Kozak. I’ll be reviewing the book soon. ……………………………………….. Rabbi … Continue reading

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You Review It: Me on Matthew 5:17

I am working on some text for a possible publishing project coming up soon. I’d like to benefit from some reader response. This piece is a short explanation of Matthew 5:17. It cannot really be longer or at least not … Continue reading

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An Upcoming and Very Needed Book

Tefillin, or phylacteries as they are known to many Christian readers, are a vital part of Jewish devotion. The practice of tefillin comes from four scriptures in the Torah, which speak of

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MJ's and Aliyah: An Issue to Get Involved In

Israel isn’t letting all of her Jewish people in. It’s that simple. And Israel is losing the battle against Muslim extremism. It’s also that simple. And who is to blame? Two groups: liberal-minded leaders who hope that appeasement will eventually … Continue reading

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Books I'm Reading

We have a Messianic Jewish Musings book review program. The idea is simple: kind, wonderful people buy me books which I will review on the blog. I know, sounds ridiculous, but who knows? Before long, I might talk you into … Continue reading

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Jerusalem, Hidden and Enduring

Some people think it is easy for us who are believers. That is, we who believe in the Divine, it might appear to outsiders that our belief comes effortlessly and automatically. Maybe we’re just naive. But the silence of God … Continue reading

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We Missed Archaeological Find by One Day!

I just arrived home this morning at 6 a.m. from Israel. I was glad but sad to read the news that we missed by one day being the group to make a remarkable find at the Temple Dirt operation in … Continue reading

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