Messianic Texts in the Hebrew Bible

We’re busy camping and living the joy of the feast of Sukkot right now with other families from our congregation. But in the interest of serving my regular readers, I like to try to keep the posts coming even when I am too busy to write new stuff.

What I have below is simply a list of three kinds of Messianic texts in the Hebrew Bible. This list is from my book A New Look at the Old Testament (see it here).

Those who know me know that I resist seeing a Messianic prophecy behind very bush in the Sinai and Canaanite deserts. If you will take a minute to look at this list, read the texts that stand out to you, and think about it, I believe you may get a different perspective on Messianic prophecy than the usual stuff you hear.

Indirect Messianic Prophecies
Genesis 22:18 (Abraham

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