Supersession Retro, 1930's Style

Some time back I wrote a series of reviews of Barry Horner’s Future Israel. Fantastic book (get it here). If you are curious what to think about the whole Israel question, why not let a Reformed Christian thinker give you a pro-Israel point of view. I mean, if a Reformed pastor can be pro-Israel, so can you, right? Under categories, click on

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  1. skullkrusher says:


    Wilkinson’s presentation is, IMO, spot-on.
    The virtual, if not outright, desrtuction of sincere efforts at reaching out to European Jews in the early parts of the 20th century must be very soberly viewed by any who claim Christ as Lord and King. I was just thinking about this yesterday — there are so many instances of the great Enemy of mankind actively, zealously seeking to destroy mission (regardless of the target group). The horrors of the Holocaust often blur our vision of some deep and profound spiritual realities that obtained in this darkest of times — granting that our vision is blurred by tears must not prevent us from wiping our eyes and looking into that deepest darkeness. If in fact we are to expect an outpouring of grace upon God’s Chosen People; if in fact this outpouring is ordained to be initiated, at least in part, as a result of deeply sincere, deeply driven passion among the gentiles for the Covenant Lordship of Jesus Christ and His glory as the exalted King of Creation, the Risen Son of David who is now seated at the right hand of the Father; if in fact this outpouring of grace is to be seen as a harbinger of the final consummation of all things to the glory of God in Christ — then we must understand and expect that monstrous opposition of cosmic proportions will be unleashed against it; that nothing more insideous can be perpetrated against mankind than the fracturing and factioning of Jew against Gentile. We are exhorted to be ‘wise as serpents” and ‘harmless as doves’ , and we have too often been neither — I pray the Lord will grant wisdom and continue to use you, and all of us, to heal those fractures, for the glory of His Holy Name.


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