Wow! I just found a website today set up to critique the writings and public statements of Stephen Sizer. Stephen Sizer is a pastor who frequently makes statements opposing Israel and Christians who love and side with Israel. Is Sizer an anti-Semite?

Well, I like what one person said: he may or may not be an anti-Semite but he is definitely anti-anyone-who-is-pro-Semitic.

So, I will give you the link to two sites, Sizer’s and the Maverick’s. The Maverick is an anonymous blogger dedicated to exposing Sizer’s dubious views and rhetoric. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Sizer, I am not anonymous and you can find all my contact information with no trouble and I have no problem saying your material is not in the spirit of Jesus.

The blog of Stephen Sizer:

The blog of Maverick:

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