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Spiritual Aliyah

Every year around this time I leave behind the laptop computer and my myriad projects to welcome the Mediterranean shores of the land of my heart and soul. This year, my annual Israel pilgrimage takes wings on Thursday, November 29. … Continue reading

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Musings on the Amidah, Part 3

The cruel God. The harsh judge. The unfeeling absolute. I can

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Some New Friends and Baptism

Yesterday was one of those rare days that makes a lifetime memory. It started almost two years ago, when I held a naming ceremony for the Jewish grandson of a close friend. The parents are intermarried. He is Jewish. She … Continue reading

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This past year has been a year of total re-evaluation of everything I believe. I am actually still in the middle of this process. Several of my comfortable paradigms have been rocked in recent years. Things I once took for … Continue reading

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A Few Responses to Recent Comments

Shalom all: I want to respond to several recent comments. I know I don’t always respond to all comments that come in here. I am too busy to always respond. Also, I do not find that all comments need a … Continue reading

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Musings on the Noahide Laws, Part 1

There is a concept in Jewish sources, a concept greatly magnified in later writings and emphasized today by Chabad (Lubavitch). It is the concept that non-Jews will relate to God through a much smaller body of law than the Torah. … Continue reading

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Ages Past and To Come

Eden …of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die… Genesis 2:17 Eden was not the perfect paradise, not yet. God made … Continue reading

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Musings on the Amidah, Part 2

The first benediction of the Amidah is the Avot, the fathers. Before we pray it, we say: My Lord, open up my lips so my mouth can speak your praise. Then, before we pray it, we bow and walk forward … Continue reading

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Upcoming Books

I want to share a little with all of you about some of my upcoming writing projects. I have been a writing fool for the past few months, working on some freelance assignments and write-for-hire as well as my own … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53

Can there be a text more debated than or more important than Isaiah 53 in Messianic Judaism? Here is my take on it:

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