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Dr. Kinzer on Reasons for Witness

After writing Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism, Mark Kinzer has often been misunderstood as a Jewish universalist or someone who has no motive for witness of Yeshua to Jewish people. The following are notes from his lecture delivered this morning at the … Continue reading

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Reasons Gentiles Should be Equal Members in MJ

I have written and said much about Gentiles in Messianic Judaism. It is not hard to figure out why. I am a Gentile leader in Messianic Judaism. My own story is different than most. I am a Gentile in process … Continue reading

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A Response to Comments on July 25 Blog

I wrote on July 25 about a statement just released by Dayeinu, a network of theologically conservative Messianic leaders. Several of my friends and a few I don’t know wrote to object to Dayeinu’s statement and my agreement with it. … Continue reading

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A First in Messianic Judaism!

Last night the UMJC Annual Conference ( was addressed by a member of the Knesset of Israel, MK Elchanan Glaser, a member of the Pensioners’ Party. MK Glaser spoke to us because of the ongoing work of the Union in … Continue reading

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UMJC On-Site Blog, July 25

More delegates’ meeting today. We discussed some important business, but nothing blogworthy (except one thing that I’ll wait for an official announcement before I mention). So, what should my topic be today? How about salvation, Messianic Judaism, and Dayeinu? First, … Continue reading

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UMJC On-Site Blog, July 24

Here I am at the delegates’ meeting at the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations conference ( It is a somber day for a meeting. I’m not sure whose fault it is that we are meeting on Tisha B’Av, the day … Continue reading

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On-Site Blogging the UMJC Conference

Shalom all: I am in the Windy City (Chicago, in case you didn’t know). Tomorrow begins the 2007 UMJC Conference. I will be blogging issues and themes that come up at the meetings. The UMJC is a congregational network and … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Tradition-less Shabbat?

This entry is a little late. I’m just getting it in about 1:15 before Sabbath starts. If you are observant of Sabbath, I pray your table would be a blessing tonight as ours is. May you be surrounded by love. … Continue reading

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Responding to Peter, Part 2

Rising to the challenge I threw out, Peter has responded with numerous citations. He is probably using a secondary source (I wish he would name the source) with a list of citations. He has given so many I cannot respond … Continue reading

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Responding to Ralph on Gentiles and Torah

Ralph Finley is a friend from the UMJC, a Messianic Jewish congregational network, to which we both belong. Ralph sent a few interesting arguments that I thought would be worth responding to in a post. Note that there are two … Continue reading

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