Michael Brown's Response

I invited Dr. Brown to post a rebuttal to my rebuttal of his paper. You will find it here quoted in full. I will respond tomorrow.

Dr. Michael Brown

I appreciate Derek

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5 Responses to Michael Brown's Response

  1. Carl says:

    Derek — Would it not be a blessing for the Body for Dr. Brown to allow you a similar courtesy of posting your views on his website?

  2. Carl,

    Actually, I do not have a blog on my website in which the readers have a give and take exchange on various subjects, and I did not post on my website an angry attack on Derek’s views — followed by a tempered review of my paper and other blogs dealing with my position.

    I appreciate Derek being open to ask me to respond, which I am glad to do. But my website does not have the purpose of airing all kinds of opposing views.


    Dr. Brown

  3. Jaushua A.Davis says:

    I agree with the fact churches are growing in record numbers but souls are being lost because people are not testifing about the goodness of god. The sad thing is people dont know that the same miracles that he worked then he is still working today.

  4. Eli says:

    Dr Brown,

    I think we are witnessing the growing pain of the messianic movement. In all fairness, this movement has been dormant for many centuries until recently (50 yrs), and it is now struggling to define itself: How much to embrace from its jewish heritage (with the good intention of appealing to jews) and how much to affirm its allegiance to Yeshua, while at the same time being different from main stream evangelicals. This is so evident in the large variance of the messianic congregations’s style and liturgy. Talk about an identity crisis.

    I agree with you that as believer in Yeshua, we cannot embrace the authority of the very Rabbis that rejected Him. At the same time, there are biblically sound teaching in much (tho not all ) of the rabinical writings (the talmud, etc…), and it would be educational to learn some from it.. However, we ought to use very careful judgment in what we accept from it and what we cannot.

    Truly, it seems the messianic movement ought to make its own ‘declaration of independance’ and start articulating its own commentary and opinions, maybe write its own ‘Talmud’ and ‘Mishnah’.. I believe , Dr Brown, you’re the best person to start the initiative and gather the right scholars for this task !!

    G-d bless

  5. Shalom Bayit says:


    I am in agreement with “Carl”. Dr Brown does not have a similar blog on his website. In my opinion, if a major leader in the movement does not have such a blog it is a prime facie indication that they do not wish on a regular basis to participate in this sort of exchange and in my opinion we should not request that they participate in such an exchange here.

    I personally am an advocate of freedom of speech and would wish that all MJ “leaders” had such a blog. Such and exchange should take place in open where all the supporters of the leader can read and take part. That is only fair to them and to their followers as well. To my knowledge with the exception of J4J there isnt such a blog. Moishe Rosen has come under a lot of criticism here and elsewhere but I have to give him credit that he has for a long time allowed for all points of view to be aired on his dime at his site.

    Certainly other organizations such as Tikkun, the RC and Hasheyvenu to cite some diverse groups also do not have a page open to this sort of discussion. Unless and until they do, in my opinion we should not engage with them here. Of course in the end, that is up to Derek. However I would not engage with them under such circumstances and will encourage others as well to follow suit.

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