Rich Robinson on PMJ, Part 1

This week, and this week only, I am going to feature a few blogs by friends who disagree with me. Rich Robinson works for Jews for Jesus and is a genius. He just happens to be wrong about a few things 🙂 But seriously, here is the first of a few (limit 3, okay, Rich?) installments of Rich’s response to the recent debate about Dr. Mark Kinzer’s Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism. I will share a brief comment in italics at the end.

I have not been able to read this blog since Friday but want to continue the conversation. As I read through the past posts, the substantial issues that are raised include the following, which I will list out and then expand upon in this and subsequent posts, blog owner permitting. I

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5 Responses to Rich Robinson on PMJ, Part 1

  1. Carl says:

    Derek — Perhaps the organization Rich represents would permit you the same privilege of posting your views on their website.

  2. Chad says:

    Carl — Derek has already posted some of his views on the Jews for Jesus blog, where you are certainly welcome to do the same.

  3. Carl says:

    To clarify, I wasn’t asking for Derek to be given a soapbox. While I recognize that the other sites J4F accept comments, I was thinking that it would be nice for them to give Derek and Rich’s dialog the same prominence it has on Derek’s blog.

  4. Rich says:


    Michael Brown’s paper is on the front page of our web site and Derek or anyone can leave comments for that or any article.


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