A Retraction

Well, I sometimes rush in with emotion and I usually regret at least a little of what I say when I do that. So, naturally, I need to retract one of my statements.

In the first post in this thread, “Michael Brown, Mark Kinzer, Judaism, and Yeshua,” I said:

Michael Brown is known as a former professor on the seminary of the Brownsville Revival movement (which seems problematic to me as a movement of great excess and little truth)

After checking with Dr. Brown I found that my knowledge of the Brownsville Revival was based on hearsay. I had certain ideas about what went on there and asked Dr. Brown about five practices that I associated with Brownsville and found that I was wrong about all five of them.

So, while the sort of Pentecostal/Charismatic expression is not the way I interpret many of the issues, I must say that:
I was wrong to suggest that Brownsville was filled with a lot of excess and little truth. If you will go back now and check the original post, you will see I have deleted this statement. I apologize to any I offended by that statement, especially Dr. Brown.

Derek Leman

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  1. Forgiven! All clear!

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