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Blogging Vacation April 28 through May 3

I will be on blog vacation until May 4. Hope you’re not jealous, but after a weekend too busy to blog, I am gone Monday through Thursday to a retreat in Colorado. I’ll think about all of you while hiking. … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Israel in God's Plan

I am amazed sometimes at how people who read the same Bible as I do miss out on God’s heart for the descendants of Jacob, the Jewish people — in Israel and all around the world. Many feel Israel is … Continue reading

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Exclusivity and God's 13 Attributes

I was reading for another class I am taking at MJTI ( The book is a reader in Jewish texts called Judaism and Spiritual Ethics, edited by Niles Goldstein and Steven Mason. At one point, while discussing g’milut hasidim, acts … Continue reading

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Paul, Jews, and Gentiles: Fantasy vs. Reality

Paul is one of the least understood figures in history. There are a number of tragic missteps of history that led to Paul being understood as an opponent of Judaism and an advocate of lawlessness. First of all, there was … Continue reading

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The Lord's Supper: Fantasy vs. Reality

I’m tackling a topic here that could make some people mad. I want to tread lightly. I understand that I am critiquing and attempting to undermine a strong tradition in Protestant Christianity. I know that the people who keep this … Continue reading

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Yeshua and the Pharisees: Fantasy vs. Reality

Pharisee is a bad word in the minds of many Jesus-followers. When people want to characterize someone as religiously backwards, hypocritical, or legalistic, they never use the word Sadducee or Essene. It is always Pharisee or Pharisaic. When speaking of … Continue reading

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Acts 10 and Pork: Fantasy vs. Reality

I love living in between two worlds (Judaism and Christianity, in case you didn’t know what I meant). It means sometimes having to submit to questions about my identity (Why Jesus? Why Judaism?). One scenario which plays itself out repeatedly … Continue reading

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Dinner and a . . . Torah?

I had dinner with a friend last night. He is someone I see only once a year or so. He is a rather intense person. (He may be reading this, so I have to be careful what I say). He … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, To Be or Not to Be . . . Kosher

The Sabbath approaches and I do hope you are preparing for a family dinner and candle lighting with the ancient blessings of Judaism. For my non-Jewish readers, I do hope you are preparing for a relaxing weekend as well. The … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on Animals, Angels, and Atheism

There are two posts today, so don’t forget to scroll down and read “Rob Bell on Heaven and Hell.” I am reading Sex God, and finding it to be a moving read with much to say about how I live … Continue reading

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