Where is the Messianic Testimony of Torah Observance?

How will the Jewish people know that the Messiah has come? One unmistakable sign is the Messiah will keep Torah and cause others to do so.  In other words, an observant Messiah will increase observance in this world, and especially among the Jewish people. With Yeshua’s coming, what has occurred?

Over the past two millennia Gentiles in increasing numbers have believed and obeyed the God of Israel through Christian teaching. This testifies to Paul’s stated purpose that his apostleship was given “to bring about the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles.” Though antinomian tendencies have characterized much of church theological, greater obedience among Gentiles has occurred.

The very opposite has happened to Jews who turn from Judaism to Christianity. Both in perception and reality, Jews who have aligned themselves with Christianity have decreased their level of observance of Torah.

What a dilemma! Gentiles who embrace Messiah move closer to Torah, while Jews who accept Yeshua as Messiah have historically moved away from Torah. If Paul were alive he would decry, “may it never be.” Yet, it has happened.

Jews who have fled Torah after accepting Messiah, and Christians who have encouraged them to do so, should both turn from this path that unwittingly testifies against Yeshua’s Messianic identity. Follow the logic—from a Jewish perspective if Yeshua is the Messiah then his Jewish followers would be zealous for the law and reach higher levels of observance. Without this Messianic sign of Torah observance seen in the lives of Messianic Jews, the Jewish community will not take Yeshua or his followers seriously.

Messianic Judaism, which honors Torah observance for Jews, is part of the answer. Still, Christians also should encourage the Jews in their midst to keep Torah.

Torah is not passé and deficient, yet relevant and sufficient for Jewish life today.

In Kesher 16, “Defining Messianic Judaism: Addendum 1: What Do We Mean By “Jewish”?” by Rabbi Russ Resnik, highlights the role of Messianic Judaism in distinction from the Church and delineates the role of Torah in Messianic Jewish life. See http://www.kesherjournal.com/Issue-16/Defining-Messianic-Judaism


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3 Responses to Where is the Messianic Testimony of Torah Observance?

  1. Jamie says:

    When Yashuah said ” Unless you do the will of my Father… You will not be part of the kingdom of heaven … “. What does this mean today???

  2. That is not always true. Some Jews actually become more observant or observant of some aspects for the first time. They didn’t see much value in being Jewish before their conversion to Jesus but afterwards they grew in their love of Judaism through their love of the Jewish Messiah.

  3. Hi Andrew.
    Thank You for these appreciable thinkings and support to our communional walking to what that to Our Lord likes by His sons.
    I am ever more sure that both Israel like People elected by Our Lord at the origine of The Redemption of Humanity who are living both in The Land of our origins and around the world, and The Church of All Gentiles around the world, these are the two wings for the salvation of the whole Humanity. You know, all the mistery of the story of our common salvation that Ha-Shem gave to us all for our fullness of life, is closed into the experience of life of our loved Father Abraham. In particular, when Sarah died, He passed power to Isac, and then He married another woman, Keturà, by whom were born Gentiles that were not far from Isac and his parents. This means that there is a close intimity between Israel and His descendents in right line, with that descendence who was not indentified into Israel but at the same time Will of G_D did not denied by living near Israel without power.
    It came the time, at The Fullness of Times, that The Holy Will of Our Lord talked The Word, The Only One Word, into The Name of YESHUA; The Savior of Humanity. From this moment, YESHUA gave to us The Spirit of Father Who is in the Skies, and, from the side of Yeshua, The Church of Gentiles was born so that Israel will have his Wife for Salvation and for Fullness of Humanity.
    This is an amazing mistery for all of us.
    Let’s give Glory to Our Lord with our COMMUNION so that all Humanity will be able to come into The Most Holy Will on Our LORD, which is The UNITY and FREEDOM of each man and women and the Unity and Freedom of all Peoples and Nations from slavery of sins and from the slavery of Prince of the World, The Devil.
    Be to us the Fullness of Joy so that we shall see the Glory of Our Lord.
    Into the Name of our Lord, Giuseppe

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