Intra-Messianic Jewish Dialogue

In 2011, an issue of Kesher was dedicated to dialogue between Jews within the ecclesia, which we might call intra-Messianic Jewish dialogue. In unprecedented numbers, Jews are reaching across denominational lines to understand each other and share in the common bond of Jewish heritage. Since that first conference in Helsinki in 2010 that gathered all stripes of Jews, there has been another conference in 2011 in Paris. In 2012 the conference returns to Helsinki to make further progress.

This is not an isolated phenomenon. In fact, the next issue of Kesher will publish the proceedings of a theological conference in Berlin last year that shared the same vision. The undergirding premise of such events is that when Jews who are faithful to Yeshua come together, the cause of the Jewish people is advanced.

The past is littered with Jews who in their misguided attempt to be faithful to the church, worked contrary to the good of our people. We cannot erase the past yet chart a new future. Together, if Jews who have found the Messiah will unify over essential theological and biblical common ground, and put good relations first before our own personal advantage, then a new day will dawn.

Both the Messianic congregational community, and Jews within the church have a good inheritance from Christianity. Yet, we have also inherited the church’s conflicts, divisions, and foibles. Let us together rise above the human weakness of the church and ourselves, and unify for our good and for the sake of Israel!

Andrew Sparks
Editor in Chief

For further related reading, see the article “Messianic Judaism: The Ecumenical Factor” by Fr. Antoine Levy, OP at

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  1. Mazel Tov on the launch of the Kesher Blog. What a simply splendid idea! Impressive!

  2. I just cannot WAIT until your next posting!!!

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