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When Yeshua/Jesus Was Born and What Not To Do About It

When I was a kid, and there were still knights in shining armor,  Maid Marian was kid Marian, Robin hadn’t gotten his hood, and the Sheriff of Nottingham was just learning to think scurrilous thoughts, no one ever said, “It’s … Continue reading

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Toward Making Christmas Once Again A Jewish Holiday

I grew up over a Brooklyn storefront exactly like these.  The weather is familiar too! I remember when I was a kid growing up in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York. I like to say that the Protestant Reformation … Continue reading

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Davvening with Thirteen Dwarves and a Hobbit

I recently had the great pleasure of seeing the new Hobbit movie, accompanying my daughter and also my wife, who spent a considerable part of her youth rambling about in Middle Earth. The movie was, of course, fantastic. Peter Jackson … Continue reading

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