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The West Bank: Why Some Are So Hot and Bothered

Recently I have been in dialogue with friends both from the Right and from the Left about all kinds of subjects pertaining to the upcoming Presidential Election.  It has been impassioned, informative, intelligent and I for one have certainly learned … Continue reading

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The Perfect Follow Up to the Previous Posting: A Cogent Arab Analysis of the Situation in the Middle East

I don’t expect I will ever do this again, but my friend Dr. Michael Rydelnik just posted this on his Facebook page, saying it was “amazing.”  And it is.  Here is an Arab journalist speaking with a level of courage … Continue reading

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The Reversal of Causality: The Great Middle Eastern Flip Flop

It is almost embarrassing to offer this post because the facts seem so obvious, at least to me. And yet, there are many out there too young to have gained a reliable historical perspective on the Middle East,  and others … Continue reading

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The Theory of Palestinian Centrality: Of Sacred Cows and Scapegoats

I am happy to say I am back in the saddle with this blog, having been disrupted, if I can call it that, by the death of a very good friend.  Such events have a way of putting one “off … Continue reading

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