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On Islamic Extremism and the Death of our Ambassador to Libya

Columnist Cal Thomas, in a recent article, echoes some strands of argument from my recent blog post in a manner I find most interesting. Here is part of his commentary: How could this happen?” asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Current Middle East Turmoil: Or, “The More Things Change The More They Remain the Same”

Rioting and mayhem against the West by Muslims claiming intolerable offense.  Is this something new, or is something we have seen before?  Certainly, one needs only to go back about 90 years to answer that question. The Declaration of the … Continue reading

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Holy Days, Holy Thoughts – Our Hazzan/Cantor

I had the privilege of being at a very good synagogue this Rosh Hashana.  In the Musaf liturgy, which is added to the morning service corresponding to the additional sacrifices that were offered on Holy Days when the Temple stood,  … Continue reading

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Did the Jewish People Have the Right to Return to Israel After So Long?

Some, like historian Arnold Toynbee, argue that the Jewish people have no right to return to Palestine after so long in exile. How are we to approach and answer this question?  In answering this in the second chapter of his … Continue reading

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