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Not All Texts Are Created Equal

Scott Bartchy wrote an article in 1978 which we should all read in 2012.  The title is “Power, Submission, and Sexual Identity Among the Early Christians,”  found in Essays on New Testament Christianity, ed. C. Robert Wetzel (Cincinnati: Standard Publishing, … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and Defining Key Questions

So far in our discussion, I have presented some blog postings favoring what might be termed “Leadership Liberation”  for women in our congregations, liberation from time-honored restrictions and to a broader sphere of leadership responsibility. I have also presented postings … Continue reading

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The Case For . . . and Against . . . Junia, the Woman Apostle

Recently we have been looking at Romans 16, where Paul refers to 29 people in his circles, of whom ten are women . . . or is it nine? The answer to this question rests on the identity of Junia, … Continue reading

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Women in Paul’s Context: They Didn’t Just Make the Coffee

How shall we move toward rightly interpreting the Pauline passages commonly bandied about when discussing, and arguing about Paul’s teaching on the roles and conduct appropriate to women in the assemblies of God’s people? A good place to start is … Continue reading

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A Jewish Feminist on Paul the Misogynist . . . Or Not

Pamela Eisenbaum is a Jewish Professor of New Testament who I am sure astonished her audience at Temple Emanu-El in New York City when she addressed them by answering this two-part question: “Is Paul the Father of Misogyny and Antisemitism.”  … Continue reading

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Re-masculinizing the Messianic Jewish Movement: Some Lessons from the Jewish World

Someone asked me a good question about my postings on how the Church, Synagogue, and Messianic Jewish Movement have been doing a poor job attracting, shaping, and keeping men. My inquirer gently protested that he is already heavily committed to … Continue reading

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Re-Masculinizing the Church and Synagogue – Of Struggle and Brotherhood

Last time we considered Leon J. Podles’ read on Gordon Dalbey as he addressed the kinds of rites of passage and fraternal community the Church and Synagogue must nurture in order to attract, shape and hold men. This tiime we … Continue reading

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Re-masculinizing the Church and Synagogue – Toward Addressing the Problem

Today we are continuing to inform our discussion through the interesting research of Dr. Leon J. Podles, in The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity, holding that his observations about the Church also apply in significant measure to the American … Continue reading

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De-masculinization of the Church and Synagogue: Is There a Problem?

You, my readers, are a major asset to this blog, especially in your thoughtful comments, which might be termed the “below the line” part of this blog. And because your comments are so good, and the interaction so vigorous, there … Continue reading

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