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A Challenging Quotation: But Who Will Heed It’s Call?

Last time I shared some dreadful quotes from a document generated in connection with the first Assembly of the World Council of Churches (1948). From responses I received, we were all pretty scandalized by that quotation. ┬áToday I am sharing … Continue reading

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Incendiary Reading on Theologizing about Jews and Judaism

I have learned that reading is one of the most high yield activities to which I can devote myself. Sometimes that reading is research, which requires intense focus and a data crunching mentality. I am doing a lot of that … Continue reading

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Reparative Reasoning and the Condition of the Messianic Jewish Movement (Part II)

Sorry for the long hiatus folks. I have been deep in studies, including the deep, complex but utterly worthwhile book referenced below. My New Year’s resolution is to not have as long a hiatus in the coming year. And now … Continue reading

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