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Messianic Judaism Rightly So-Called

I just returned from the Annual Conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.  This got me thinking of what we mean by a Yeshua-honoring Messianic Judaism.  What are its broad contours?  Perhaps it would be good to begin with … Continue reading

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Some Relational Handles on Dealing With “The Gay Issue”

The issue of the legitimacy, status and treatment of “gays” is one that can no longer be avoided even by those with a talent for burying their heads in the sand.  While formerly people of a decidedly conservative religious bent … Continue reading

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Judaism: The One and Only Non Non-Christian Religion

Many Christians and Messianic Jews act and think as if the seed of Jacob is a nation like any other, and Judaism a religion like any other religion, except for Christianity. This attitude is a legacy from supersessionism, infused like … Continue reading

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Parashat HaShavua – Building a House for God

Parashat HaShavua is the (Torah) passage of the week as linked to the Jewish calendar. Today’s posting is part of a planned series commenting on the Torah passage of the week, and/or on the related reading from the prophets (the … Continue reading

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Varieties of Jewish Yeshua Believers (Part Two)

Today we conclude our varied, even if not entirely comprehensive, categorization of the various kinds of Jewish Yeshua believers one will find here in the United States of America. This is offered as an antidote for the kind of simplistic … Continue reading

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